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Preventive Maintenance

    Did you know that your home HVAC systems requires seasonal maintenance for optimal functioning? It’s true! An easy, responsible and cost effective way to keep on top of this annual series of chores is to invest in a Residential Preventive Maintenance plan available from Jefferies Inc. Just like any other system in your home, your HVAC works better when continuously maintained by a professional. Learn more about the types of preventive maintenance offered by Jefferies Inc. for residential HVAC systems and contact us online or by phone to schedule a residential HVAC preventive maintenance appointment.

    What types of preventive maintenance do we offer for outdoor units?

    Outdoor units have a different list of tasks associated with them than indoor units. Doing the following tasks twice annually is best but we advise the tasks being done at least once annually. The first is to check out the unit for refrigerant levels, if there’s a leak, and add refrigerant to the unit if necessary. Next, we’re sure to clean the inevitable leaves, dirt and other debris from the exterior of the unit as well as the interior of the unit’s cabinet. We also take the time to inspect the base pan for restricted drain openings and carefully remove obstructions as necessary. Our preventive maintenance involves inspecting the coil, compressor, controls, sump heat, electrical parts and tubing while offering thorough cleaning as needed. After we inspect the fan motor and blades, we also lubricate any parts as needed.

    What types of preventive maintenance do we offer for indoor units?

    Indoor units are a faster machine to maintenance than outdoor units since they have less exposure to the elements. We’re sure to inspect and clean the blower housing, blower wheel and blower motor, offering lubrication when necessary. A priority in preventive maintenance of gas furnaces is to inspect the system for gas leaks. We inspect and clean the evaporator coil, drain pan and condensate lines. We also inspect and clean burner assemblies, heat exchangers, flues, ductwork and controls. In addition to all of these tasks, we also replace air filters.

    What preventive maintenance is done while the system is operating?

    While the system is operating, we’re able to listen for strange sounds, search for the sources of unusual odors, monitor systems for consistent refrigerant charge, measure indoor/outdoor dry and wet bulb temperatures and low/high side system pressures, monitor gas furnaces for correct pressure and monitor the system for correct volts etc.

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