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Evaporative & Swamp Cooling Installation & Repair

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    Evaporative Coolers are an alternative to mechanical cooling. These systems are also known as Swamp Coolers due to the water sump and distribution pads. Evaporative coolers utilize a fan which pulls the warm outdoor air across the cool water panels which allows evaporation to take place. This process has more efficient versus mechanical cooling.

    These systems offer Denver homes and business owners an appealing alternative to standard HVAC systems. These systems not only effectively cool your home, but they moisturize the air, which is a very useful here in the Denver climate.

    Efficiency and Reliability in HVAC

    Evaporative coolers have been widely popularized in Denver for a variety of reasons. Since they work mostly via the natural evaporative properties of water, evaporative coolers will ensure that your maintenance expenses are as low as they can be, and use up to 75% less energy than a standard cooling system, which puts more of your money in your pocket, instead of spending it on your energy bill.

    For homeowners  plagued by irritated, cracked, or chronically dry skin, evaporative coolers can help you moisturize dry air. These systems rehydrate the air in your home and cool it at the same time, providing refreshing, cool, moistened air. Furthermore, evaporative coolers remove smoke, pollution and other airborne irritants, providing you with fresh, clean air in your home at all times.

    Denver’s Experts in Evaporative Cooling Systems

    Jefferies Inc. has been installing evaporative cooling systems to Denver homes and businesses for over 10 years. When our highly skilled installers construct your HVAC system, they only make use of the best equipment, parts, and HVAC brands, as part of our guarantee to deliver a fantastic final product, every time. Contact us today, and we will sit down with you, face-to-face, to discuss whether an evaporative cooler is the right solution for you.

    Service & Repair for Your Evaporative Cooler in Denver

    In Denver, your HVAC system malfunctioning during a hot summer day can be a major emergency. Your home or business’s interior can quickly reach 100 degree temperatures, making summer days discomfortingly long. At Jefferies Inc. provide 24-hour repair services to homes and businesses in the Denver metro area 7 days a week. Call Jefferies Inc. today, at (720) 250-9944!

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