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    The technicians at Jefferies Inc. can provide solutions to any problem based on their experience and technical skillsets. Our technicians attend continuous education to help them gain familiarity with all commercial products.

    What are the industries Jefferies Inc. serves?

    Our clients include restaurants, healthcare facilities, data centers, retail stores, manufacturing facilities, event centers, flight simulators, hotels, office buildings, schools, warehouses, museums and multi-family dwellings. Each commercial industry has specific HVAC needs that require experienced technicians to provide solutions to  problems.  

    What capabilities are necessary for commercial HVAC service?

    Many technicians lack the experience in the complex control work needed for conversions and repairs from Variable Volume Terminal (VVT) Controls and pneumatic building HVAC. Not Jefferies Inc.! We are experienced in repairing and updating these systems including repair when possible and conversion to more efficient Direct Digital Control (DDC). We also offer combustion analysis, compressor overhaul and replacements, indoor air quality, pipe design and installation for hydronic, refrigerant and fuel gas as well as pump alignment overhaul and replacements.

    What are our air and water balancing capacities?

    We offer air and water balancing for commercial applications to ensure the proper operations of the equipment. For the vast majority of projects, air balanced rooms are the extent of customization necessary. Air balanced rooms take into consideration the climate needs of individual rooms based on heat from the sun, the climate, the time of year and the capacity of the HVAC machine the rooms are heated and cooled by. This is even more important if you have commercial HVAC needs, such as a server room storing critical information for the operation of your business, wherein a temperature variance can destroy your product or another similarly delicate situation.

    What air conditioning-specific systems do we repair and install?

    We repair and install all air conditioning systems for commercial applications. These includes split and package A/C systems (up to 120-Tons), reciprocating chillers and evaporative coolers. For commercial and industrial applications, we service, repair, install  and maintain cooling towers,  condenser water loops, pumps and evaporative coolers AKA swamp coolers.

    What heating-specific systems do we repair and install?

    We repair and install all heating systems including boilers, direct and indirect fired furnaces, unit heaters, electric heating and heat pumps.

    What other HVAC systems do we repair and install?

    We work on Multizone Air Handler Units, Variable Air Volume (VAV) Systems and Analysis, Liebert and Data-Aire Units for data centers. Make Up Air Units offer heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification, dehumidification, and air filtering in commercial applications, especially in commercial kitchens. In commercial kitchens we also install and repair Exhaust and Supply Fans.  

    What other capabilities do we have?

    We install and service combustion air humidifiers as well as perform any Sheet Metal and Ductwork needed for commercial applications. If you have a specialty project needing the hand of an experienced and certified HVAC contractor, call or email us today! We’re available to provide more specific information about our capacities—just ask!